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Cloud hosted services provided by Hosted Desktop UK in partnership with Microsoft gives you the ultimate flexibility to remotely access your business applications. You can access your hosted services from anywhere or allow multiple users to log in from different locations to use your bespoke business software. Having your business applications hosted on a flexible hosted services platform will give you the ability to meet the potential growth of your business with seamless upgrades eliminating the costs associated with traditional client server software upgrades.

Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop enables remote working with constant access to all your data and applications, safe in the knowledge that your files are secure and backed up with excellent IT support available.
  • Instant access to the latest technology to run your business
  • Risk free; no administrative responsibilities associated with in-house IT infrastructures
  • Distribution of new technologies seamless and can be done rapidly
  • Eliminate the problems associated with upgrading software and the overall maintenance of hardware
  • Less focus on IT responsibilities
  • Full access of software applications to remote workers via the internet
Hosted Desktop Services from Hosted Desktop UK in partnership with Microsoft is the most cost effective business solution available for any size of organisation, eliminating all of the problems associated with an in-house server systems. Hosting your desktop applications through virtual desktops makes working remotely hassle free. Read more about Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop WebAccess

Providing you with access to your hosted desktop in a web browser. Read more about Hosted Desktop WebAccess

Hosted Application

Providing you with instant access to the specialist software packages that are essential for your business. Read more about Hosted Application

Hosted Server (VPS)

A virtual private server (VPS), is a partition of a physical server, which provides the power and functionality of a high-end dedicated server at a fraction of the price. Read more about Hosted Server

Hosted Website

Make your website accessible via the World Wide Web, on our low cost monthly plan. Read more about Hosted Website

Hosted Exchange

Provides you with access at any time to your emails and means you no longer have the hassle and cost of maintaining an in-house Microsoft Exchange email server. Read more about Hosted Exchange

Hosted SharePoint

Offers a secure online workspace for managing documents, connecting virtual teams and planning projects. Read more about Hosted SharePoint

Email Archive

Offers a complete solution to your email storage and retrieval needs. Read more about Email Archive

Backup to Site

Gives you the ability to back-up your flat data files to a local machine or hard drive providing added security for your business. Read more about Backup to Site

Secure Document Exchange

Gives you the ability to deliver documents to your clients instantly and securely Read more about Secure Document Exchange

AS & AV Email Filtering

Offers your business a comprehensive solution to email threats. Read more about AV & AS Email Filtering


Allows you to backup and restore data speedily and securely over the internet. Read more about OnlineBackup

Meet Louisa, our Finance and Marketing Director

Louisa is a Chartered Accountant, she qualified in 2007 and has sixteen years experience in accountancy and audit roles in both practice and industry settings.  

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"Our aim is to be the number one supplier of hosted desktops to the accountancy, legal, and professional services sectors in the UK."

  • Over 94% of our clients would recommend our Hosted Services to another business
  • Over 53% of our clients say that anywhere access was their main reason for moving to a hosted solution
  • 60% of our clients chose us as their preferred hosting provider due to a recommendation
  • Over 92% of our clients say that they now spend less time dealing with IT issues
  • 41% of our clients stated that improved security was their main reason for moving to a hosted solution

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