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HDUK ‘Stars’ Customer Service Rating – what’s the point?

It is now some 18 months since HDUK launched its innovative online platform ‘Stars’ which allows people to see how we are performing in customer service in real time. We thought it might be a good time to remind everyone about how it works and how we use the feedback from it to improve the service we provide.

How it works

Every time a client raises a support ticket in our online helpdesk they are invited to rate their experience in the range 1 -5 following the resolution of the tickets issue, clients are also given the opportunity to leave a comment if they wish to provide more detailed feedback. Star ratings fall into the following categories: 4 or 5 stars – “It was great”, 2 or 3 stars – “It was OK”, 1 star – “It wasn’t good”.

How we use the feedback

HDUK use the ratings, and more importantly added comments, to monitor the performance of our staff (as groups and as individuals) not only in terms of speed of response but also the quality of customer service provided. Comments left by users are a very useful source of information, we scrutinise and analyse this information constantly as a means bettering the service we offer through improved systems and procedures and ongoing staff training.

How well do we perform?

Ratings for February 2015 show that 97.8% of clients who responded rated our service at 4 or 5 stars, 2.2% rated us at 2-3 stars and 0% rated us at 1 star. The average rating over the month was 4.85 stars. We make these ratings public so everyone can see how we are doing, we want to be held to the highest possible standards for customer service.

To see for yourself click on the following link:

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