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At Hosted Desktop UK we began our company specialising in the professional market and to this day over 80% of our user base is professional service firms. As the cloud computing and hosted desktop market has grown we have taken on clients in many different industry sectors, and now have over 450 UK businesses out of the professional and legal sectors using our services.


Hosted Accountancy services - Hosted Desktop for Accountants

The accountancy sector commonly has bespoke accounting packages that often need to be accessed by remote teams or workers. The Hosted services we provide are wide ranging from full hosted desktop facilities to hosted exchange services. Hosted Desktop UK can accommodate these scenarios with ease, providing efficient, reliable supported services to this sector.

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Hosted Legal services - Hosted Desktop for Solicitors

We know that business continuity is crucial to law firms and that a business continuity plan is a requirement for the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation. Hosted Desktop UK provide services that will cover these requirements.

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Hosted Charity services - Hosted Desktop for Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

At Hosted Desktop UK we provide hosted desktops and host specialist software applications for charities and not for profit organisations. A hosted desktop solution will eliminate the cost of expensive IT hardware, giving a low cost IT solution.

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Hosted New and Growing - Hosted Desktop for your new and growing business

At Hosted Desktop UK we provide hosted desktops and host specialist software applications for numerous start-ups and small and medium sized businesses, so please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our clients include financial advisers, recruitment agencies, renewable energy providers, engineering businesses, leisure industry clients, retailers and software developers. We provide services to businesses of all sizes from home workers through to companies with multiple offices throughout the UK.

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Hosted Government - Hosted Desktop Solutions for Local and Central Government

A hosted solution offers government organisations a practical way of reducing IT costs, whilst still having a system that can help them manage growing demand for services from the public, in spite of contracting budgets and resources

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Hosted Manufacturing - Hosted Desktops for Manufacturing Industries

In a world where manufacturing businesses face stiff competition for orders from emerging nations there is a real need for companies to ensure that their internal management systems are cost effective and delivering up to date information, in a timely fashion, wherever it is needed.

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Hosted Staffing and Recruitment - Hosted Desktops for Staffing and Recruitment Agencies

Hosted Desktop UK specialises in the provision of secure and reliable hosting services to professional service organisations, including staffing and recruitment specialists, allowing their staff to concentrate on their core function of providing clients with a first rate service rather than dealing with IT issues.

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Hosted Education and Training - Hosted Desktops for Education and Training Organisations

Here at Hosted Desktop UK we recognise the need for providers to deliver education and training in a wide variety of situations, being able to access applications and data remotely via the internet allows you to deliver your message anywhere, and at any time, with suitably connected devices including tablets and smart phones.

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Hosted Property Sales and Lettings - Hosted Desktops for Property Sales and Letting Agents

A hosted solution is perfect for organisations operating from multiple offices, every staff member, whether working in any of your company's offices or in the field, is able to access the same data from anywhere with an internet connection and a suitably enabled device including tablets and smart phones.

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Hosted Building and Civils - Hosted Desktops for Building and Civil Engineering Contractors

Remote access to your data means staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection and a suitably enabled device including laptops, tablets, and smart phones. A hosted solution is also ideal for organisations operating from multiple locations as all staff members are able to access the same data wherever they might be.

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Hosted Farmers and Growers - Hosted Desktops for Agricultural and Horticultural Businesses

As the provision of a hosted desktop is a fixed monthly operating cost this will help organisations with their cash flow, total flexibility means that new users can be added, suspended, or removed very quickly meaning you only pay for active users, this might be particularly useful where seasonal workers are employed.

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Hosted Travel and Leisure - Hosted Desktops for Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure Organisations

A hosted solution is ideal for businesses with seasonal fluctuations in trade because of its flexibility and scalability in the provision of IT services. With a hosted desktop solution you only ever pay for what you need and we won’t tie you in to a long contract, our standard terms require just 3 months notice to terminate the service.

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Meet Louisa, our Finance and Marketing Director

Louisa is a Chartered Accountant, she qualified in 2007 and has sixteen years experience in accountancy and audit roles in both practice and industry settings.  

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"Our aim is to be the number one supplier of hosted desktops to the accountancy, legal, and professional services sectors in the UK."

  • Over 94% of our clients would recommend our Hosted Services to another business
  • Over 53% of our clients say that anywhere access was their main reason for moving to a hosted solution
  • 60% of our clients chose us as their preferred hosting provider due to a recommendation
  • Over 92% of our clients say that they now spend less time dealing with IT issues
  • 41% of our clients stated that improved security was their main reason for moving to a hosted solution

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